Ruth Brickland – Walnut miniatures

workshopSurrounded by my magpie finds, I am a potter, embroiderer and miniature world builder. Working in ceramics, textiles and mixed-media I create artworks including walnut miniatures.

I am an artist with an open-minded approach to materials and eclectic subject matter. I was fortunate to study a degree in ‘Contemporary Crafts’ where I was encouraged to explore my interest in creating art from a variety of materials in unusual ways. In my final year I chose to specialise in ceramics and textiles.

I went on to study a postgraduate diploma in Applied Arts and since then have continued to produce figurative artworks.I have a magpie instinct which cannot be repressed and enjoy incorporating my finds within my work. I like to work with new materials and take great inspiration from folk art, where perhaps slightly unusual, but readily available materials are used with astonishing results. In contrast, I am equally inspired by extravagant works of art for example Renaissance, Baroque or Victorian Naturalistic silver and gold works of art.